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Passionate about her PURPOSE

Most recently, Tess Rowland served as the MADD National President. Rowland successfully led MADD into a new era of advocacy and awareness campaigns through innovative social media campaigns. Under her guidance, MADD has successfully collaborated with government agencies, law enforcement, and other organizations to push for stricter DUI laws, improved enforcement, and increased public awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. 


Tess is a firm believer in the power of education and community involvement to effect lasting change. She spearheaded a youth initiative named “Gen Zero” aimed at educating young adult audiences about the devastating consequences of impaired driving. Through her dynamic leadership, MADD has expanded its reach to college campuses.​

Tess Rowland's impact extends far beyond her role as the National President of MADD. Before she transitioned into non-profit leadership, Tess was an Emmy-nominated journalist in the Panama City Beach area. She was also recognized by the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists as Reporter of the Year for 2021. 

Outside of her professional commitments, Tess is an avid runner and family-oriented
individual. She is known for her genuine warmth and approachability, always making
time to connect with MADD victims, survivors, and supporters. Her personal
experiences and connections drive her passion to bring about a safer world, free from
the tragedies caused by impaired driving.


Tess Rowland's journey from advocate to nonprofit leader is marked by her relentless
pursuit of justice, compassion for victims, and determination to create a safer society. She hopes to inspire other crime victims to share their stories to create meaningful change.

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